Moments to Destroy

by The Counter Minds

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released November 6, 2015

Eddie Rodriguez-guitar, vocals
Anthony Salazar-drums, vocals
Cazmir Nishi-bass, vocals
Recording/Mixing/Production by Ken Gonzalez and Danny Lizarraga
Mastering by Ken Gonzalez
Recorded at Dunton Records



all rights reserved


The Counter Minds Whittier, California

Alternative Punk Rock from Whittier, CA
Eddie Rodriguez-guitar, vocals
Cazmir Nishi-bass,vocals
Anthony Salazar-drums, vocals

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Track Name: In a Modern World
Heaven sent, factory made
what is the truth?
Today's too good of a day to waste
I don't wanna just sit around
Learn what you can
Before it's gone
Before you learn to see the lies
You are such, such a liar
I can see it in your eyes

Chorus: I thought you were different
I'm lacking piece of mind
I'm not feeling safe in a place I thought I knew
If I could change it, how different it would be
But now I'm waiting still and I'm waiting all alone

I saw this desolation before me
And I wanted to stop it all
I knew I would just let it pass by
Nothing to see and no one to call
I'm tired of standing in your shadow
As you're standing in the light
Nothing before, before this happened
In a modern world you should know what's right

Chorus x2
Track Name: 3:08
Look at another failed attempt
When my problems haunt me again
I don't care for your observations
So take another stab in the dark

It's 3:08
And I'm blowing up your one man nation
Your walls are weak
And it's giving me false inspiration

Chorus: A lie told enough times becomes the truth
There it is another thought in my head
I like the concern but I don't want your pity
I try to be nice but it doesn't work out that way
I've seen this enough times before in the past
People and love ones fight around you
They all forget the main causes
I'll remember this when I'm dead
Track Name: Moments to Destroy
Gazing and watching
I'm just not here
Don't dwell on dreams
It's like they disappeared
This is all we know
Too scared to think
Gonna close your eyes and say you're gonna blink

Years to grow
Moments to destroy
Why create all these memories to throw away? x2

After the end
Regret is all you felt
Losing it all
You're filled with guilt
This is all we know
Too scared to think
Gonna close your eyes and say you're gonna blink

Track Name: All Over Again
I don't feel right after this
It's not what I planned it to be
Say it again, you lost it all then
Don't be surprised that it gets away
Gets away

All over again

Yet we wonder what's wrong
I'm thinking you never wondered at all
Stuck in a round, never refound
Remember it's only for today
For today

All over again